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Thinking And Communicating Workshops


Systems Thinking And Organisational Effectiveness

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Skills Books Published By Cognitrix Ltd

Visual Reasoning

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Workshop Design Book

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Management Skills Book

Chapter 1: Information Gathering

Chapter 2: Mapping The Situation

Research Skills Book

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A Degree Requires The Right Attitude And Approach

What Is Your Research Question?



Systems Thinking And Reasoning Visually

Uncovering Presuppositions And Assumptions

Congruent Business Models – Framework For Strategy And Leadership

Root Definitions For Clarity

Developing A Provisional Explanation For A Single Event Or Symptom

Developing A Provisional Explanation For A Collection Of Symptoms

Drilling-down To The Prerequisites Required To Accomplish An Objective

Anticipating The Consequences Of A Course Of Action

Management Fads – No Thank You!

Staff Layoffs To Cut Costs?

Communicating Clearly

How To Give A Truly Bad Presentation

Presentations Are Murder!

A Seven Step Recipe For Effective Presentations

English Pronunciation For Foreign Speakers

Negotiation: David & Goliath

Blank Forms

Feedback Form For Presentations

Structure Table For Research

Jargon Generators For Fun And Profit

Technical Jargon Generator for Medical Research


Biography of Dr. Ted VanderNoot

Other Books Published By Cognitrix Ltd

Other Books Published By Cognitrix Ltd

Comment Interpréter Vos Rêves Avec Un Pendule

Chapitre 1

Chapitre 2

How To Interpret Your Dreams Using A Pendulum

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Quelle Direction ? Le Yi King Révisé

Chapitre 2

Chapitre 3

Chapitre 4

Chapitre 6

Which Way? The I Ching Recast

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 6


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