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Career Resilience Flexibility for Scientific/Technical Professionals

Tailor-made workshops delivered according to requirements

Career resilience is defined as "the ability to adapt to changing circumstances". It is relevant to consider it because we can't guarantee a particular future. However, not all career change is forced upon us by external events. Many times, it's simply that someone wants a change from what they have been doing. So the more generally applicable idea is that of career flexibility. How do you develop career flexibility? By …

Visual Reasoning

When we make an effort to understand some matter, we begin creating a meaningful pattern in our mind of which elements are involved and how they fit together. However, in any issue we are considering, there are usually more factors and people involved or affected than we might initially recognise. Putting our mental map on paper has several advantages:

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Full- or half-day workshops can be created by selecting from these modules:

The book on Visual Reasoning is available as paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

Communication Design And Delivery

Communication is not about dumping information on an unsuspecting and probably unwilling audience. Communication is about producing a desired response from an audience. You can accomplish this by asking yourself a few questions:

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Four workshops are available …

Pitching Your Ideas, Your Skills and Your Work (1½ days)

This workshop is for postdoctoral researchers (ECRs or PDRAs) or final year postgraduates. It covers how to sell yourself in the employment market and how to sell your ideas and projects to funding agencies, charities, potential collaborators and management.

The corresponding book entitled It's Not All About You, It's More About Them is available from Amazon. And for those with managerial responsibilities, a related book, Reading Your Own Watch is also available from Amazon.

Presenting Research (1½ or 2 days)

Too often presentations attempt to convey too much information to an already overwhelmed audience. The result is "Death by PowerPoint". If you want your audience to pay attention and respond favourably, then this workshop is for you.

Writing Research Papers, Reports, and Dissertations (2 days)

These days, everyone is drowning in written material. Workshop participants regularly find that they can cut the length of their writing by 30% to 70% while making it easier to read and more persuasive! Your readers will love you for being clear and concise.

The corresponding book for the presenting and writing workshops is entitled Skills For Maximising Your Graduate Experience. It's available from Amazon.

From Idea To Bums On Seats (1 day)

If you need to create an in-house training workshop or programme, this workshop will take you through the steps from initial idea through planning and preparing to finally delivering the training.

The coresponding book, From Idea To Bums On Seats, is available from Amazon.

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