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Micro-Workshops: One Idea/Technique + One Hour Of Practice

Each micro-workshop is an exercise-based session exploring one idea or technique for thinking or communication. The one-hour format fits easily into a busy schedule. and allows up to 20 participants to learn something useful.

For some sessions, participants may be required to bring prepared work to use during the session.

Note that these sessions can also serve as a basis for 1:1 staff coaching.


Recognizing Unrealistic Assumptions

Often, our decisions are partially based upon assumptions. Learn a simple technique to uncover your assumptions and determine the implications if they're wrong.

Resolving Conflicting/Contradictory Positions

This session uses a diagrammatic technique to make the reasoning and assumptions behind two positions transparent. The contradiction can then be resolved by addressing the questionable (or invalid) assumptions or reasons behind each position.

Root Definitions For Clarity

In Checkland's Soft Systems Methodology the first step in developing a Purposeful Activity Model of a system is to define the Root Definition. This micro-workshop defines what a root definition is, why it is relevant and important and how it can be constructively applied to any work-related activity.

Visually Exploring Situations And Statements

A diagrammatic technique to make sense of a situation or statement by mapping the factors and their interactions.

Visually Reasoning Backwards To The Causes For A Situation

A graphical approach for understanding how a situation came to be.

Visually Reasoning Forwards To Consequences

A technique for anticipating consequences and then developing appropriate contingency options.


Designing An Effective Message From Scratch

A diagrammatic technique that matches what needs to be accomplished with the intended audience in order to develop a convincing message.

Some Psychological Aspects Of Persuasion

A logical message is usually not enough. What are the psychological reasons why people resist messages ... and what can be done about it?

Writing: The Roasting Exercise

Participants need to bring a 500 word sample of their writing. Working in teams of four, each sample will be critiqued by the other members of the team. Past participants have said that this is an uncomfortable but useful way to learn how others see your writing and what can be done to improve it.

Tips On English For Foreign Speakers And Foreign Audiences

Tips for presenting more clearly when either the presenter or the audience are non-native English speakers.

How To Handle Awkward And Aggressive Questions

Many presenters are afraid of the question period that follows their presentation. Learn techniques for handling difficult questions better.


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