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Thinking And Communicating Workshops

Logical thinking and clear communication are essential aspects of achieving better results. These workshops are exercise-based and use work-related material from the participants. The emphasis is on practical ideas and techniques, not theoretical best-practice. Many of the techniques use the methodology of visual reasoning. (This is not mind-mapping!)


Systems Thinking for Improvement

Any organisation is a system that operates within a local and a global environment. When attempts at operational improvements have been ineffective then a different approach is to consider your organisation systemically with a view towards understanding the underlying causes and correcting them.

Congruent Business Models – A Framework For Strategy And Leadership

Many organisations anticipate future developments and attempt to develop a strategy that will allow them to adapt proactively. However, often strategic processes lead to vague pie-in-the-sky objectives that cannot be realistically achieved. Congruent Business Models allows an organisation to think in a comprehensive and consistent manner in order to develop a feasible strategy for moving forward.


Research Skills Book

We have published a research-oriented skills book for postgraduate research students which is based upon material from various workshops.

This book can also be useful to undergraduates and postdoctoral research fellows.

Management Skills Book

We have published a skills book for staff with managerial responsibilities. It is based upon material from various workshops.

This book can also be useful to research professionals.

Workship Design Book

We have published a book for anyone who has an idea for a workshop and wants help with planning it from scratch.


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